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The direction of the main door of the house is an important consideration. So while looking for houses, people believe that any East facing home is auspicious.


North is a very good direction. The owner of this direction is KUBER. Kuber is a Hindu deity and is known for wealth & prosperity. This direction is called wealth and career direction.


West facing houses are most suitable for people having profession like teachers, politicians, religious priests and corporate business men.


South Direction as per Vastu: South is always considered as a bad direction, but it is not like that. South is the bank for all the good energies of North direction.

North East

The northeast direction, according to the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, is governed by Lord Shiva. Most auspicious and energetic among all the eight directions

North West

It can bring in health, wealth and prosperity if supported by other vastu rules. Main male member of the house may remain out of the house for a longer time if the door faces west and a female if the door faces North.

South East

The south-east direction is represented by Shukra (Venus), the lord of fire. According to Vastu, this direction is good for keeping fire-related devices.

South West

This corner of the house denotes stability. If the southwest zone is made Vastu-compliant, it brings good luck and prosperity to the occupants.

Astro Vastu

vastu shastra is a branch of astrology science. These two are interrelated to each other. Each direction is ruled by a planet which is again interconnected with horoscope - We are experts in Astrology Vastu

House / Plot / Flat  Vastu as per Horoscope

Our Experts Will Personally Visit Your Place and will Analyse Vastu

We analyse vastu based on vedic vastu principals which in sync with your horoscope,we deeply study each and every element of the vastu. We do not prepare our reports on hurry we take time to understand the problem and analyse vastu in sync with horoscope. Our remedies are very simple and easy to practice. Energy balancing with objects or colors is 1st choice. Poojas and other dhanas or remedies are 2nd choice. Thousands of our clients benefited with our reports

Business Vastu as per Horoscope

Business/ Factories will Fail after Start-up Why ?

Most of the business and new factories will get into sudden loss and will shutdown their businesses. This happens because of two reasons 1.Astrology horoscope is not in sync with vastu 2. Vastu is not considered while starting the business or factory perfectly 80% of vastu perfection is must to do any business. Our experts will provide vastu solutions for your business / factories.