Astrology Remedies

Man is constantly in pursuit of happiness and peace and seeks to avoid all that is unpleasant and painful. But this is not always the case.

We all do have to undergo some miseries, sufferings, trials and tribulations in our lives. This is due to our past deeds or karma. Astrology is based on the philosophy of Karma. The placements, phases and strengths of planets in the horoscope are not a random permutation or a coincidental combination. They reflect our past karma; the good karma show up in the form of benefit planets while the malefic planets emphasis the negative karma. Planets can be classified as benefit, malefic or neutral. No planet is good or bad in itself; its placement and condition in the horoscope decides whether it will prove to be beneficial or detrimental to the native. Sometimes the benefit planets are weak; they need to be strengthened so that they are able to give the potential good results. On the other hand, the malefic planets need to be propitiated to reduce their negative effects. The uniqueness of Vedic Astrology is that it recommends a whole range of remedies to fortify the weak benefit planets and to pacify the malefic ones.

Remedies are nothing but practical, mystical or psychic antidotes which lessen or nullify the impact of our past negative karma. Our Destiny is shaped by our past karmic actions. Remedies involve doing something or abstaining from doing something; this action or inaction is a karma in itself! So when one undertakes to do some remedy, he is actually is embarking to reverse some bad karma of the past. When he does remedies for strengthening the weak benefit planets, he is essentially boosting their effectiveness by doing some more good karma. Our fate is decided by our karma; we can use our free will to take the remedial measures. Astrological remedies can be broadly classified as follows

Mantras and Yantras.

Sanskrit mantras are energy-based sounds possessing vibrational and resonating powers. Mantras are connected to a particular planet or a deity representative of that planet and different mantas have varying potencies. Mantra chanting is called ‘Japa’.


Astrological remedies includes usage of certain products such as gems, Rudraksha, crystals, herbs, charms, etc. to strengthen the power of benefit planets or to ward off ne


Service to others is considered the best form of remedial measures in Astrology. This can be in the form of charity, donation or offering some services to the needy and the poor people. Different kinds of donations are prescribed for different planets.

Other Remedies

1.Change of attitudes and habits 2.Blessings
3.Religious practices
4.Color therapy
5.Spiritual remedies

There are no hard and fast rules about remedies. They should be relevant to the Desh (place), Kaal (time) and Patra of the person.